14 Trends in Clothing & Gifts 2020

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14 Trends in Clothing & Gifts 2020

As we head into spring, new year, new you is still the mantra around here. Especially when it comes to refreshing our wardrobe and elevating our gifting game. We’ve rounded up 14 trends for this year when it comes to fashion finds and giftable goods.

1. 70’s Vibe | Think beaded details, warm colors, floral prints, crochet, and even flare jeans.

2. Orange and Lavender | These two colors not only pair well together but are sure to get us out of a winter funk and into a brighter frame of mind.

3. Beautiful Bags | From statement pieces to crossbody bags that can get you through your entire day without losing your keys, your phone, or your sanity.

4. Nature | Elements of the natural environment are always popular here in Colorado and you will see no shortage of these details – think florals, ferns, and greenery -  in clothing and gifts this coming year.

5. Fringe | It’s not just for macramé. You will see this trend pop-up in jewelry, the hems of shirts, and on the edges of bags.

6. Embellishments | Consider it a bonus dose of love for your outfit, where a little bit of extra detail goes a long way.

7. Patterns | An update from polka dots and stars in 2019, we are seeing fruit and animals (be prepared for an onslaught of beetles) grace clothing in 2020.

8. Bralettes | Worn alone (if you dare) under a jacket, or peeking out from under a gauzy top, this revealing trend is here to stay.

9. Sustainability | With climate change on everyone’s mind and companies looking to lessen their environmental impact, look for products that include sustainability as one of their core values, along with less chemicals and zero animal testing.

10. Giving Back | Products that empower women and give back to communities prove that mission and modern-style can go hand in hand.

11. Family Time | Focusing on our loved ones with quality time is at the top of gift-giving concepts this year. One hot item? Puzzles.

12. Local | Supporting local businesses? Yes, please! When they sell locally-designed wares, too? We call that a win-win all around.

13. Travel | From big overseas excursions to opportunities for a backyard staycation, items you can wear with ease while traveling makes packing that much easier.

14. Wellness | As we mentioned, the new year, new you vibe is strong and health-inspired finds will pop up everywhere, from clothes that do double duty and gifts that encourage healthy habits of body, soul, and mind. Write on, friends.