5 Fun Spring Trends That You Should Try This Year

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There may still be snow on the mountains, but inside Hollyann spring has sprung! We’re thrilled with this year’s spring fashions. They’re fun, feminine, flashy, and a little flirty. Each piece we chose has a detail, something unique that made us smile. We know that you’ll agree when you try it on. 

How did we know what to buy? Here are the 5 trends we see for this spring:


1. Ruffles
Whether it’s just a hint around the neck, on the cap sleeve, the bottom trim, or cascading down the front, ruffles are in. Last spring the look was long and lean, but this year a bit of feminine whimsy is back and we couldn’t be more pleased! Choose a touch of ruffles for a coquettish look, or wrap yourself in a bold ruffle that won’t be ignored. You choose. Either way, they’ll become your frilly favorites.


2. Gingham
What was once reserved for the French countryside or a romp in a haystack is now one of the coolest things in spring fashion. Gingham is here. Large pastel checks or the classic small black and white, it doesn’t matter. And these pieces are not the demure fitted tops or pants of the 1950s, but fun, creative and even a bit sexy fashion choices that says, “I’ve got a fun side!”


3. Olive
This is definitely not your military, drab, camouflage option. Our olive pieces are comfortable, yet feminine takes on the tried and true. We’ve got olive-colored dresses, lightweight jackets, tops, and accent pieces that refuse to be kept inside. We like the versatility that olive offers but we love the way olive takes an outfit from ordinary to cool.


4. Floral
What would spring be without flowers? Dull, is our answer. We’ve got floral patterns in every color and size you can think of. Our floral tops are romantic and fun, and may even make you feel as if you’re in an Impressionist painting. These feminine pieces will be the best part of getting dressed! We’ve chosen floral prints in so many different styles that we know you’ll find the flowers of your choice.


5. Mixed Patterns
Don’t adjust your dial, the newest spring trend is the mix and match of colors, patterns and cuts that traditionally clashed but are now eye-catching combos. Don’t be afraid to mix and match this spring. Try a plaid blouse with a floral cardigan or an animal print over a stripe. Mix large and small-scale prints or a solid with a zany. This spring the trend is to buck the trend and let your creativity shine!


At Hollyann we’ve done the research and legwork for you. Come on in and be excited with our prices and thrilled with how you look and feel in our clothes!