Refreshing Spring Cleaning ideas

For some of us, Spring Cleaning Day (it’s not an official holiday yet, but maybe it should be) is the time to organize, de-clutter from our winter hibernation, and refresh.  At hollyann we like to focus on refresh—the details that change any room from nice, to “wow, this place looks amazing!”

Here are a few ideas that we think will make a big, refreshing impact:

Candles. Everyone looks good in candlelight, and so does every room. A couple of large candles, or a smattering of smaller candles placed strategically, make a room cheery and smell great.

Candleholders & Lanterns. Colorful and creative candleholders and lanterns can be used indoors and out on the patio or front porch. Mix and match, big or small, eye-catching either way.

Vases & Pots. Nothing says spring and fresh like lively vases and pots. Put flowers or plants in them or leave them empty because the vases are lovely just the way they are.

Pillows.  See your furniture in a fresh way with fun and inexpensive pillows. You’ll be amazed at the difference some vibrant accents can make to sofas and chairs. Your furniture will ask to be sat on rather than replaced. 

Dishes & Coffee Mugs. Have a pantry or kitchen that could use some brightening up? Easily done with some vibrant mugs and dishes. Hang ‘em, stack ‘em, line ‘em up, however you display your dishes, these fun pieces will surely make you smile each time you reach for one.

These are just a few home décor ideas from hollyann that will make your Spring Cleaning Day a refreshing experience!

Holly Willson